-Belly Button Fluff Experiment –

Everyday, for as long as I can remember. I have removed grey fluff (kind of like dryer lint) from my belly button at the end of the day.

To the point I started avoiding grey clothing to see what would happen.
And sure enough. Everyday, I was still finding grey belly button fluff.

At this point I started getting quite confused and after thinking about it deeply for quite some time. I came to a few ‘plausible’ reasons as to why this was occurring each and everyday.

My first and I guess most irrational (depending on where you stand on the thin line of sane and insane) conclusion, was that my belly button was some kind of inter dimensional portal to an alternate universe containing fluff as it’s most abundant form of life.

But after poking around and studying it with a torch for about 12 days, I came to the conclusion that my belly button was not an inter dimensional to an alternate universe only containing fluff. And may just be some kind of ‘collection’ point where fluff gathers to plot it’s next move.

Anyways. Being an avid triple j listener, I hear dr. Karl every Thursday morning. And people are constantly calling up about utter nonsense that one could google and find in the first 3 results.
He often asks people who have an ongoing condition, etc. to keep a record and write down important details, like a science experiment for at least 30 days and to call back with the results for a triple j prize pack.
Not only have I been logging this for almost 8 weeks everyday (colour of clothes worn, etc) But I have been collecting the fluff in a small jar to strengthen my findings and discourage any nay sayers.

Here I’ll be writing updates and anything else I find of interest while undergoing this quest.

My goal is to fill this jar before I call dr. Karl and discuss my findings on air.

I hope he has an answer. Cause google doesn’t and I sure don’t.

Oh. And a triple j prize pack might be nice too 🙂

– merlin –


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