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A 23 year old British student has fallen victim to one of the strangest cases of déjà vu ever recorded in medical history.

The student was forced to stop taking classes after the most bizarre case of chronic déjà vu left him with very little, to no quality of life.

The 23 year old had to give up TV, listening to music, or reading because he believed he’d seen it all before.

He told doctors he was ‘trapped in a time loop’ and said he felt he was reliving the past moment by moment.

Details of the case have been revealed in a report published by the Journal of Medical Case Reports. (http://www.jmedicalcasereports.com/content/8/1/414)

Doctors are scratching their heads as the man does not seem to be showing any of the neurological symptoms usually seen in people who are suffering from frequent/chronic déjà vu.

Fun fact: déjà vu is the French term for ‘already seen’.

I can’t help to think of Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day. Constantly reliving the same day over and over again until he finally gets it right.

I think I would go crazy if I were in this guys shoes. But it seems he is getting all the help and support he needs form doctors, family and the like.

If Ground Hog Day has taught us anything. It’s that everything turns out ok by the end of the movie. (oh.. and what a ground hog is)


Much love to all!