Down days. Everybody has them, some more then others. Some worse then others.
But they seem to be woven in to the very fabric we call life and even the happiest and most positive of us can’t always escape them.

But when analysed (I mean truly analysed) not just the first rational thought that pops into your head, but getting down to the root of the problem/situation.
You find that the problems you are facing, lie with you.
Not the person up are thinking of that’s making you upset, or the boss who didn’t give you the weekend off. You!

And when you realise that, (accepting it, is a whole different thing altogether) you see the situation from a whole new perspective. A bigger, wider, universal perspective. You realise how small and petty these problems are, you notice that ‘said person’ isn’t causing you physical distress at this very moment and a lot of the fear, anxiety or depression is a figment of your over active imagination, trying to fill gaps of the story you missed. (Most of the time your couldn’t be more wrong)

So the majority of bad days, stem, and are kept alive, by you.
Change your outlook, change your thought, put yourself in someone else’s shoes. This could save you a whole lot of down time in the near future.

Remember – A moment of patients in a moment of anger, saves you a hundred moments of regret –

– Merlin –